About Us


We teach English in English without a formal textbook via the communicative approach. This is done in a non-traditional environment with hands-on experience.


We are not exam and testing oriented. We evaluate each and every student based on her/his speaking, comprehension, listening and cultural perception abilities. We send out personalized letters about students progress every two months.


We aim not just to improve our students’ English level but also to help them evolve into open-minded, virtuous and ethical characters with a global-citizen mindset.

This is our Habitat!

This is our HABITAT for learning and fun!

At Habitat we understand how and why learning a new language can be frustrating. To overcome this problem we have adapted a Living Learning English method which aims to change how students perceive learning a new language.

Habitat encourages students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life situations.

Unlike the existing English learning methods where students learn the language through their native language, Habitat offers a direct learning method.

Here at Habitat, we have created an environment where students feel like as if they are in a home in an English speaking country, so that the learning never stops. Our Living Learning English method ensures that the students do not only learn the grammar and vocabulary but find the right circumstances to practice it.

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An Incredible Staff

We work only with the best and most talented teachers!

Mr. C

He loves inspiring young people and encouring them to push their boundaries. He is the manager at Habitat and works day and night to offer the best language education in Turkey. 

Mrs. C

She and her husband Mr. C have created Habitat together. She makes sure everything runs smoothly both in class and office as well. Don’t hesitate to knock on her door if you need any help.

Mrs. B

She will get you where you need to be. Organized, passionate and caring are her top three traits. She also a unique background extending all the way form Africa to Europe.

Ms. A

She can turn serious stuff into a fun and engaging activity. Coming from Southeast Asia, she has a lot to share!

Mrs. G

She loves organizing crazy fun activities for her students. She is into all sorts of cartoon shows and video games. 

Ms. C

She comes from the land of K-Pop. She is super sweet and charming. Her cooking classes are amazing.

Ms. B

She loves dogs and young children. It is a gurantee to have fun in her class. 

Mr. O

He is a musician and a laid-back super cool teacher for our adult students. You can also learn cool Australian slang from him.